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Learn more about our background, knowledge and experience. We describe here the major features of our value proposition that deliver significant benefits to our customers.

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Our services are divided into six interrelated areas. This page explains each service in more detail. It helps you understand your needs and how we can resolve your issues.

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Are You:

  • Struggling to deliver to your customers on time?
  • Sales are growing but profits are lower?
  • Working harder and harder but achieving less?
  • Is your week full of stress, strained relationships and angry customers?
  • Ready to grow but unsure how to?
  • Suffering downward price pressure; forcing lower costs?
  • Facing increased competition and higher customer demands?
  • Not embedding changes in your business?

Our Services

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Establishing the essentials
  • Effective Operational delivery
  • Customer Service excellence
  • Lean and Continuous improvement
  • Change Management


Phil Eldridge has spent nearly 30 years working in procurement, manufacturing, operations and service with roles as Operations Director, Service Director and as Managing Director. He has gained invaluable knowledge and experience driving transformational change, to deliver operational improvements, to improve critical KPIs, and to implement new strategies to achieve sustained growth.

Secure Business Advisors purpose is providing practical, specific, high impact and hands-on advice and support to businesses across all sectors. The objective is to secure the foundations for a business to attain profitable growth.

We assist Business Owners, Managing Directors and Senior Leaders with aspirations of operational and service excellence who want to fundamentally improve their organisation to achieve their targets with the efficient use of all their resources.

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